With a vast network of media contacts across the UK and Hollywood, Rob has positioned himself as one of the UK's most robust PR's. "My clients reputation comes before mine, sometimes I receive  abuse on social media by being linked to known personalities, but that doesn't matter, As long as the clients happy  and I'm doing a good job then thats all I care about"

Rob and his team specialise in generating, negotiating and controlling exclusive content. Over the years the team have been responsible for countless front page news stories with the UK's largest circulating publications. "I've worked with a lot of journalists over the years but its fair to say I'm bit of a marmite character. My focus is doing whats right for the client which isn't always whats best for a journalist. I'm much more likely to be found in a strategy meeting brainstorming than "doing lunch" or "drinks" with a journalist. Our strong working relationships with editors is due to being reliable with the content we create and the service we provide.

The team comprises of numerous photographers, videographers and researches, Rob being the youngest at 33 years old. "I love working with an older team. Hearing stories from our photographers about working with icons like Princess Diana and Michael Jackson is fascinating. The untold stories I've heard about Hollywood A listers is mind blowing.

Our team enjoy working with a variety of people, from unknown names who are building their profiles in the media through to celebrities trying to stop damaging headlines from being published.

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