Described as a "Top Celebrity Agent" by The Sun and "PR Guru" by The Mirror, Rob has maintained solid relationships with the countries biggest tabloids, magazines and TV shows over many years. Aside from real life stories, Rob has worked with many known public figure

Over the past 5 years Rob has been responsible for turning one off news stories into regular front page fodder and causing national debates. Some of his stories have sparked discussions in parliament and have even lead to change in UK legislation. 

"I'm not the sort of person who strives for half a page in small circulating specialist magazine, I always aim for front pages that cause debate and generate strong public reactions. If my stories aren't being discussed on day time TV the following morning then I get irritated"

Rob is also hired by numerous other agents and management teams to generate publicity for their clients without the talents knowledge "It's frustrating when other agents get the credit for my work, but it's also flattering knowing their representatives think I can do a better job than them."

"I started out by running nightclubs and owning a bar that would organise launch parties and CD signings for celebrities. Eventually focusing on the media side of the industry I managed to convince Heat magazine to let me sit in their offices once a week and observe how they work.  I would also spend 18 hour days shadowing the paparazzi in exchange for inside information on celebrity whereabouts. Since then I've spent almost ten years in the industry and it's a career I intend on never leaving.

"With people like Rob around, the industry of 'Celebrity' wont be going bust anytime soon"  Clara Amfo, BBC Radio One